Upskilling without seniors around

I’m moving this blog over to my main domain – A somewhat big disadvantage of being the first data hire is that you are likely to be the only “data person” for quite a while. Even when you aren’t alone, you will likely be the most senior hire for some time. This means you […]

Table of Contents

I’m moving this post to my main blog at Your mindset Data framework (~15 elements) (could be a little book on its own?) Making Roadmaps and scenarios Fallback systems (good for them, good for you) What to expect (blank slates, lots of excel, no databases etc) Your non technical manager & you Never say […]


A caution for newbies I’m moving this post to my main blog at If you’re still looking for a job as a first data hire, then I suggest you don’t read this book. Rather find the job and come back to this later. Depending on how you bought this book, consider asking for a […]